The History of an Ames associate nametag
       Courtesy of:  James Asal, JR.


Badge 1: "Amazing Ames"  This slogan was in use when I started with Ames in 1983 and also appeared on the shopping bags.  In-store PA ads also carried the tag line, "Amaze yourself at Amazing Ames!"  The classic Ames color scheme of red and white is reflected on this badge.

Badge 2: "It Pays to Shop at Ames... Everyday" The first change in badge and slogan, but still retaining the red and white colors (faded and yellowed over time).  Introduced around 1987/1988 I think. Not a bad slogan, but clumsy. This particular badge/slogan didn't last long.

Badge 3: "Where YOU Come First... Every Day." This badge/slogan, even clumsier than the last one, was introduced sometime in the late 80's/early 90's. It lent itself to rude interpretation. I was present the day a male customer smirkingly asked a female cashier, "Do I always come first?"

Badge 4: This was my official "STORE TRAINER" name badge which I wore every day for several years beginning around 1991 until the Dayville store was remodeled in 1995.

Badge 5: "MAGIC" A short-lived Associate of the Month recognition scheme. This badge was given to each AOTM starting around 1991. At the end of each month, the AOTM was supposed to turn in this badge and revert back to the normal red/white badge.

Badge 6: I wore this badge when I was the Unit Control Supervisor from 1995-1998. It was a pocket badge with no pin. The Ames color scheme was converting from the red and white of the original stores to the green/beige of the newly remodeled/reopened Zayre stores. This was during the first bankruptcy period of 1990-1993, a time of sweeping changes in the company. Note the white/green grid background of the Ames logo.

Badge 7: One of my "final" pocket name badges. The company had switched to a generic design for ALL name badges. Regular hourly associates badges displayed their first name only. Store Managers and Assistant Managers displayed name and title. For a time, an Associate's years of service were also printed on the badges.

Badge 8: This was the name badge I wore during the final months at Ames. It is a pin style, and displays a green "Emerald" A+ Service pin (another customer service recognition scheme), and a 5 year Gold service pin. The 10 year service pins used to have a garnet included, but by the time I reached 10 years the company had replaced the pin scheme with a catalog of gift items to choose from.