Receiving sign #1

Rescued from the Dudley, MA Ames before it's conversion to Grossman's bargain outlet.

Receiving Sign #2

Snatched from the Sturbridge, MA Ames.  Since then the front signage has been taken down as well.  The building still sits empty.

Receiving Sign #3

Taken from the Silver Spring St. Ames in Providence, RI.  This Ames is soon to become Wal-Mart.

Receiving Sign #4

Easily removed from the Hartford Ave Ames in Providence, RI.  Looked like it had already been beat up by some gangsters, and it was only hanging on by one nail.

Receiving Sign #5

From Rocky Hill, CT.  Found glued on top of sign #6 below, you can see the thick layer of it in the picture to your left.

Receiving Sign #6

Also found at Rocky Hill, CT, with sign #5 glued on top of it.  I almost walked away without it, but luckily looked back and saw it there.

Receiving Sign #7

Found at the Ames Planagram Building, also in Rocky Hill, CT.  Kind of strange they would put one at this place.

Receiving Sign #8

Taken from the Ames in Dayville, CT.  New tenants to be announced soon.

Receiving Sign #9

From the Ames in Torrington, CT.  Seconds away from being busted by the police for grabbing this one.

Receiving Sign #10

Yanked from the Great Barrington, MA store  with ease, and a glob of industrial rubber cement on my shoe.

Receiving Sign #11

From the Ames in Hudson, NY.  Appears to have been spray painted.

Receiving Sign #12

Taken from the still thriving flea-market store in Napanoch, NY.

Receiving Sign #13

Obviously had a difficult time with this one from Kingston, NY.  Had to rip it off of its anchors.

Receiving Sign #14

Another one seized from a live store, Naugatuck, CT.  While grabbing, could even hear OSJL employees behind the door.

Receiving Sign #15

The riskiest sign rescue of all time in Meriden, CT.  Sneaked though a construction site to grab.

Receiving Sign #16

A spur of the moment trip nabbing us sign 1 of 2 at Abington, MA.  The most glued and difficult sign to remove of all time.

Receiving Sign #17

Sign 2 of 2 at Abington, MA.  Much easier to remove than its counter part.  Also much more faded.