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Radio ad for the Grand Opening of Ames in Narragansett, RI.  This was recorded in the summer of 1986 from WERI-FM 103.7 in Providence.
Sent in by Daniel F.
Final phone message to the stores from corporate (Cindy Daly.)

Sent in by
Steve Hammes


Crafts Department Training CD-ROM
The Ames Fan Club is proud to bring you the last computer-based Ames training CD-ROM ever issued.  It was intended to be used for Crafts & More Fabric Selling Skills in August 2002... of course that never happened and no associates ever viewed this CD.  But thanks to Steve Hammes from Store #0435 Glenmont, NY, we can offer you this rarity to add to your own Ames memoirs, and educate you in the world of Crafts & Fabric.  For your compression convenience, you can download it in ZIP or RAR format.


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Final Ames Video - Glenmont, NY #0435
Produced by Steve Hammes
Featuring a phone message from Cindy Daly, the stores' last communication from the Corporate Offices.



Store Associate Orientation VHS
The last employee orientation video by Ames Corporate Media, produced before the GOB was announced.  It explains Ames history, market strategies, and just about anything else an associate would want to know.  Available in MPEG format for your viewing pleasure!



Ames Triathalon - Event #1
Produced by Steve Hammes
The Ames Fan Club is pleased to bring you yet another talented Ames production, this one from store # 0435 in Glenmont, NY.  Produced by store trainer Steve Hammes, this video will show you how real Internal A+ Service was done.  Downloadable in superb MPEG quality!


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