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Here you can find links to our partner websites.  As well as directions to great Ames and department store material.


A fantastic website dedicated to North America's discount retailers and has-been's.

Retail blog featuring full and comprehensive write-ups, and detailed explorations of Connecticut-locale sites.
Tokensafari's site.
A site dedicated to Hills and it's former employee's.


The name says it all.


A dead retail blog.

Another dead retail blog.


Ames-Related websites - An incredible website detailing the early days of Ames and the original Southbridge store that started it all, by Dick Whitney. - Another interesting personal site all about their Zayre's experience and how it sucked.


Non-Ames-Related websites

Linden Hill School
Where I work

Dudley's gone high-tech! Visit our wonderful town's homepage!

My former school districts educational homepage.

Shepherd Hill's live weather station.

Our local newspaper and my morning refuge!

The Payphone Directory


Comic Book Inker


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