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Author Topic: Supermarket bashing  (Read 5911 times)
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« Reply #30 on: May 26, 2007, 12:11:31 PM »

Originally posted by golfcart34
I'm not much of a fan of Food Lion (a.k.a Food Liar).  My boyfriend and I went in there for some soda one time, since they are the closest grocery store to where we live, not to mention they were having an advertised sale on Pepsi products.  Well, we got in there and they had this huge display with various Pepsi products (i.e. Pepsi in it's various forms, Mountian Dew, etc.) and the advertised sale listed right on the display.  Well, we got to the registers and they told us that Mountain Dew isn't a Pepsi product.  Last I checked it was and if it wasn't then they shouldn't have been displaying Mountain Dew with the Pepsi products.

The people in that Food Lion are always rude anyway so it's no loss that we don't shop there anymore.

Good for You, I always have had bad thoughts about that chain (going back to when ABC did that story on expired food they sold in the stores) The Bloom stores seem nice, but
I would'nt shop at them or  their "el cheapo" cousin Bottom Dollar.
« Reply #31 on: May 26, 2007, 12:12:31 PM »

Originally posted by Caldor1999
Grand Union wasent all that great to they were pricy

Come to think of it they were reeeeeal High, they make Stop/Shop look like Dollar Tree
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« Reply #32 on: December 24, 2008, 12:07:17 AM »

Originally posted by MBZ321
Originally posted by Zayre88
I hate Stop & Shop because they once operated Bradlees and now Bradlees is out of business while the supermarkets are still in business and thriving:mad:

Did Ahold (#4 or #5 grocery company that owns them now) own Stop & Shop back in the day during the Bradlees years or did they pick up Stop & Shop Later?

Ahold has owned Stop & Shop since the 1995.  Stop & Shop spun Bradlees off in 1992.

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« Reply #33 on: February 11, 2009, 02:43:46 PM »

well shop rite is the new super market i hate i  worked ther efor about 8 months and it was horrble it was fine when i started then they switched my dept in such a sneeky way i was filling in for someone in the bakery for a week then i went back to produce then i had to fill in for this guy again for a week then i was filling in for him evrey friday then all of a sudding im working there in that dept and they told me they dident need anymore people in the dept i was in yet they hired 2 people after i moved and they did not train me for the barkey dept so things never got done right so i tlaked to them about that and they told me were gonna ahve u come in early on weekends and tain you all they made me do was package things for 6 hours and nothing more so i got fed up with it and walked out untill they called me wondeirng were i was and i told them i quit and i never wanna come back and thats that

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