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Author Topic: The good ole days Ames and Zayre  (Read 1154 times)
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« on: February 07, 2010, 08:52:04 PM »

I spent so much time in the Ames in North Dartmouth and the Ames in Fall River. I remember the Fall River Ames more as Ames inside and Zayre by the outside appearance. They changed the original inside Zayre layout alot though I do remember where some things were when it was Zayre.  I also have alot of memories as the Dartmouth store as Zayre.

All through middle school and high school I'd hang out in Ames with my best friend while waiting for a movie or just shopping. I still remember the lay-out of the store. It had a non mall entrance and a mall entrance. The mall entrance was wide with tall glass doors. I remember these well because I got locked in Ames when they closed for the night and really needed to get back into the mall! I ended up having to walk on the outside of the mall! This Ames had the orange Zayre counters and even kept the brown and white Zayre signs for all the departments for a really long time. I spent alot of time in the kids department buying Breyer horses, time spent looking at cassettes and VHS tapes in the electronics department, time in the greeting card aisles and in the food section to buy food to smuggle into the movie theatre. I remember the shoes being in the back right corner and the fabric and crafts being across from that. Sheets, curtains, blinds along the back, then electronics and toys in the left corner. Seasonal, then automotive as you made your way to the front. health and beauty, food, office supplies. then the front doors that didn't open to the mall. I still remember the feel of the cold metal rails where they kept the carriages corraled. Customer service, registers, and a row of candy/snack food or what was hot in the ad that week. I know most of the clothes were in the center of the store along with pots and pans and kitchen gadgets as well as storage containers.

Both of these Ames stores had those big old round air conditioner/heating units up on the ceiling that made mucho racket. I have fond memories of being in the Dartmouth store when it was Zayre sitting in a chair while my mom looked at patterns and the unit above me made so much noise. I kept begging my mom to please let me go a few aisles over to look at the My Little Ponies!

I remember the Raynam store well. I remember looking at toys and bikes there. We went to the Wareham store a few times, too. I remember my dad running into someone he knew from school and how I thought he knew everyone!

The Dartmouth store was pretty dumpy, but I do have a fondness for it. They kept it alot like Zayre with the orange and brown theme and the horrible stained brown carpets. They did some minor updating over the years but it was always still like Zayre to me and that was okay. Because Zayre and Ames were both stores I held in high regard through childhood and young adult hood. And I do still to this day. Stores like Zayre, Ames, Caldor and Bradlees just cannot be replaced by Walmart or Target.

I bought several things from Ames and still have a few of the receipts. I also picked up a great canvas "bargains by the Bagful" bag from the thrift store just after Ames closed. It is a cherished possession. I also still have the giant rubbermaid tote I bought for putting my real horse's tack in. Because the cover fits over the lip, it has protected the Ames price label after all these years!

Well, thanks for letting me reminisce! I'll stop now before my mind keeps going with old memories!

Here is a link to my album of receipts from defunct retail stores in my area.
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