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Author Topic: K-Mart  (Read 288259 times)
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« Reply #2850 on: August 03, 2017, 07:09:40 AM »

From what I've heard about the Williamsville Kmart was demolished to make way for Lowe's because the old Kmart building had asbestos in it when they were planning to to use the building for Lowe's after Kmart closed. The surrounding plaza by the Williamsville Kmart was heavily revamped, part of it was demolished a few years ago for easier access to the Wegmans and Target stores next door.

you know what, that makes sense. I was just there (I get my hair cut in the plaza) and I was thinking there is no way this used to be a Kmart.

That was the problem with the Ames that I posted about in the Ames forum - asbestos make saving older buildings very hard. Might as well tear it down rather than spend huge amounts to remove them.

The Amherst Kmart was probably demolished because of asbestos as well. Asbestos might have been a good idea for fireproofing buildings at one point, but now we know that asbestos causes cancer and it's one of the reason why some older Kmart (and some other stores) building can't be saved for remodeling into something else.

Unless I'm mistaken, doesn't the asbestos have to be removed from the building before it can be torn down anyway?  Otherwise the demolition will cause it to go into the air.  Whether re-using or demolishing, the asbestos still has to come out before anything else can be done.

Yeah first they come out and take samples of every material the building is made out of ceiling tiles, walls, insulation, floor tiles, insulation on pipes, they even test the adhesive used to hold down the floor tiles. Some of it can be removed fairly easily but depending on the type of material the asbestos is in but they might have to seal the whole building in plastic and properly ventilate the place.

The first time I ever heard of asbestos was after Woolworth's in the Bristol Plaza in Bristol, Connecticut closed. I remember they had the store front boarded up with signs that said Danger Asbestos removal.

Then in 1998 at my high school, they closed down the Culinary Arts Department to gut and remodel it. They had to do asbestos removal there too. For the entire school year they operated out of a small temporary kitchen they built in the back of the cafeteria. The Junior and Senior Culinary Arts students were sent to the small Tech School in Bristol or given employment with a Food Service Company that provided cafeteria services to a hospital.

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« Reply #2851 on: August 03, 2017, 03:05:31 PM »

My high-school closed in 1986.  The school board wanted to tear it down, but a lot of local residents objected, saying that it might be needed again in the future if the school-aged population increased (something that never happened).

The estimates on demolition at that time ran around $200,000.
A year and a half later the Federal Government issued strict new rules on handling asbestos.
The cost of demolition immediately skyrocketed to over $5 million!

Needless to say the school was never torn down.  It sat there rotting for almost 30 years
before a developer bought it and converted it into some very nice Senior Citizen apartments.
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« Reply #2852 on: August 08, 2017, 10:45:53 PM »

Kmart closed their Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin store in 1995. Today, a Tractor Supply store operates out of that building.

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